Professionals travel a lot, especially those involved in the energy and Subsea industries. Many times, they fail to enjoy the sites and even the company of similar minded people. This is mainly because no one bothers to facilitate such occasions. The life of a Subsea professional should have its fun moments.

That is why we thought it wise to create the Energy Personnel in-Country (EPIC). This is an entertainment service that includes touring, sports, accommodation, and transport. The tourist activities are all led by a member of the Offshore team. Through this program, visiting energy and Subsea professionals will be able to explore the lands. Important historical and eco sites are also visited.

Professionals are not meant to be gloomy and all serious people. This is why the program also includes land and water sports. These events enable people to interact in a context that is far away from work. Since they are only viewed as simple games, they are not necessarily treated as competitions, and this helps to facilitate light conversation and interaction.

It is also worth mentioning that most of the said professionals are not very physically active in their jobs and daily lives. Inactivity leads to obesity, which in turn causes a wide range of lifestyle diseases. To prevent this, our program features lots of healthy sports that can be played by almost everybody. EPIC is a well thought out service that will considerably improve the travel experiences of energy and Subsea professionals. It will expose such people to great foods, sites, and sports, all of which are localized to the given islands.

The Offshore Innovators Executive recognized a demand to provide safe, fun entertainment and activities for visiting energy and Subsea professionals. As a result, we have developed EPIC, an entertainment service which includes: guided tours of places of interest, eco and historical sites, our EPIC representative will lead these excursions

  • Sporting activities, land and water sports
  • Party and gastronomic events and spots
  • Manage and develop entertainment plan and activities
  • Accommodation and transportation

EPIC is a unique service as we aim to expose guests to the best that our Islands have to offer in entertainment, food and sport in a safe and friendly environment.

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