We can provide a wide range of equipment for purchase or rental for several subsea and offshore assets.  Our service also includes skilled personnel to man and complement the equipment supplied.


The Offshore Innovators team is knowledgeable and experienced to assist you in selecting equipment for a variety of activities including subsea construction, offshore survey, exploration, installation and maintenance.


In addition, taking advantage of our renting option can help you access standard equipment, and these might be too expensive for the average firm. In our company, you can always upgrade your choice of machinery by simply raising your monthly payment.


The interest charged on rented equipment stays roughly the same throughout the period in question, so you can always plan your finances reliably. In case the equipment breaks down, the extra cost is not even charged to you. Our company will cater for all maintenance costs involved.



You also have the option of purchasing the equipment instead of renting. The advantage here is that you spend less money in the long-run. In addition, you can make necessary alterations to your equipment since you own them.


Because of the same reason, fixing the equipment is easy and problems are, therefore, resolved expeditiously. There is a lot less work involved in purchasing equipment. Also, buying machinery does not involve the signing of contracts or agreements. Basically, you just have to find what you need and pay for it.


Our company will not just supply the equipment to you. We can also send some of our trained and experienced staff to check your organization and advice you on what machinery you should get.


In addition, they can help you set up all the equipment. The Offshore team will also help you with the maintenance of your equipment.

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