Staffing & Training

Our company can help with your staffing and employee training. Making use of our service will give you lots of benefits. Most importantly, this service can help you get people to carry out any additional work you may have in your organization. Since these are temporary positions, going through the entire hiring process can be a waste of time and resources. We do all the work and provide you with the necessary staff for your needs. Once your temporary work is done, you can terminate the contract and go back to working with your regular team.

Unknown to many people, using staffing services can help to reduce the company’s costs in salaries. Paying people overtime is expensive. Temporary staff doesn’t have to be paid to such high levels since they are not technically working overtime. In addition, using our staffing service will not require you to provide benefits to the employees. If you choose to staff your company yourself, you have to pay for their leave days and health benefits. Our staffing service will generally lower your overhead costs.

Finding and training employees is also a challenging and time-consuming task. Many companies would accomplish a lot if they spent this time in other activities. To help you out, we have an employee training program that can be customized to suit your company. This takes the guesswork out of the whole process and saves you precious time. Our staffing team is very helpful in the installation and operation of new equipment in your company. We will cover you all the way.

We provide specialized staffing for: Subsea Operations; including ROV Supervisors, Senior Pilot/Technician, Pilot/Technician I, Trainee Pilot/Technician II, Client Representation and Project Management. Maritime vessels; including Captains, Licensed Engineers, Officer/Mates and Crew. Offshore Innovators ensures that all of our personnel are certified and have amassed the requisite sea time for each function. We have also developed a competency program of certification and sea time for persons starting a career or those advancing their skill in Subsea and Maritime operations.

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